Eat More Food, Lose More Fat!

Eat more food, lose more fat!

Yes you’re read it correct.
No this isn’t a sales pitch.

Want to know what I’m talking about?
Read on…. Let’s take an example of 2 people trying to lose weight.

Case 1:

A woman is consuming 1200 kcal per day and her body uses 2200 kcal per day (very common case) and she isn’t training. In fact if she was it would make things worse by causing an even larger deficit.

So as a human her body tries to desperately adapt, meaning a huge down regulation in order to survive. Because that’s all that matters to your body…survival!
Her metabolic process slows down, her thyroid output slows down and her thyroid can even start to shrink. Her testosterone levels drop while her estrogen levels raise.
Her weight loss from protein stores will Increase (muscle, hair, skin) and loss from FAT will decrease.

With the drop in testosterone and increase in estrogen it’s likely that water retention outside of the cell will also increase. This will present with a soft and spongy look and most people will NOT like this. Then this can at times show an increase on the scales which totally messes with people after starving themselves.

Case 2:

Woman number 2 is on 2100 kcal per day and she’s weight training 3 days per week causing a slight calorie deficit.

The extra calories and weight training compliment her thyroid output aswel as testosterone & estrogen levels.
Fluid outside the cells and water retention will be a lot better as the body will draw water into the cell giving the muscles a stronger look as opposed to soft/spongy.
What a lot of people refer to as “toned”. With a calorie deficit her metabolic process will still slow down but at a lot slower & safer rate!
Also, as Woman 2 is NOT starving herself so it’s more likely she will adhere to her dietary plan for a lot longer than Woman 1 leading to long term sustainable results!

Both of these woman are in a calorie deficit. The difference is 1 person is causing a lot of damage and risking overall health, the other isn’t.

Extreme weight loss does not work so don’t fall for it.

Don’t be silly and fuel your body ✌🏼