How To Calculate Your Calories


Use these charts below to find your weight in either kg or pounds.

Then depending on your personal goal use the scale of 10-20 to find your calorie goal.

Please remember that these are ONLY a guideline.

So many factors will come in to play for various different people as mentioned in the video above.

The best thing to do is find your calorie maintenance and work from there.


10- Extreme Deficit (not advised without coaches instructions)

11- Large Deficit

12/13- Moderate Deficit

14- Minor Deficit

15/16- Calorie Maintenance

17- Minor Surplus

18- Moderate Surplus

19/20- Large Surplus (not advised without coaches instructions)

Calories Scale 40-49 kg


calories Scale 50-59 kg


Calorie Scale 60-69 kg
Calorie Scale 70-79 kg


Calorie Scale 80-89 kg


Calorie Scale 90-99 kg


Calorie Scale 100-109 kg


Calorie Scale 101-119


Calorie Scale 120-129 kg


Calorie Scale 130-139 kg C