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Joining Peak Health has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, I've gone from doing zero training to going 4 days a week and i absolutely love it. I had planned to just do the 6 weeks, I'm now almost finished 18 weeks and I've no intention of stopping!

Gavin has been brilliant from the start, I would recommend Peak Health to everybody, complete beginners or people who have been training for a long time, there's always something new to learn! And to top it off, I have met some great people along the way so i look forward to each session!

I've completely surprised myself with how much I can push myself and that's all down to Peak Health.


I joined Peak Health seven weeks ago after a couple of years being very unhappy with both my physical and mental position. We have three small children and both work full time and in that busy lifestyle the opportunity to eat well and exercise regularly is not always the easiest choice, and I certainly hadn't made the right choices! My weight had slowly and steadily increased, resulting in extremely low energy, lack of concentration and not being able to fully enjoy time with the kids. I found Gavin on social media and everything he talked about was exactly what I needed - a complete change.

Within three days, my energy levels were through the roof. My sleep improved, mental energy was back to normal and I couldn't believe the immediate difference.
For anybody reading this who is serious and committed and needs a change, do it today. Gavin's passion and commitment for what he does is exemplary and I cannot recommend Peak Health more strongly.


Before joining peak health I had no structure to my gym sessions. I was going to the gym a few times a week repeating the same exercises and seeing no improvements or changes in my body. I stayed away from certain exercises due to lack of knowledge. I also lacked confidence and self esteem about myself and my body. I have become a different person since joining peak health. I am stronger and leaner as a result of the group training sessions.

If it wasn’t for PT with Darragh I would have never seen the changes in such a short space of time physically or mentally. It’s been a major boost to my confidence that others have recognised the impact of the training also.

What I love is that I can enjoy nights out with friends or whatever guilt free as I always have a fantastic week of training hard with a fantastic team.

Ciara S

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