Why Am I So Sore?

why am i so sore


By now you’ve probably heard the term DOMS being used a little bit.

Let me explain what they are and why you’re sore after weight training.

So firstly, DOMS stand for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

So quite simply, Muscle Soreness with a delayed onset.
This Onset generally takes 24-48 hours to kick in.

Sometimes DOMS can be mild and sometimes they can be prevent you from moving without pain.

This is all down to the load or stress you placed upon your muscles during your weights session.

People who are totally new to weight training usually suffer the worst. This is simply because they have very little tolerance and their muscles haven’t been exposed to this training stimulus in the past.

People who train quite often can also experience DOMS. This would happen when they apply some form of progressive overload during their training. So adding more weight, new exercises, more sets etc etc.

When people who are new to weight training suffer from severe DOMS they seem to get a little frightened and think they may have overdone it.
While sometimes this may be true, it’s most likely that DOMS were hard to avoid due to their experience.

On the flip side, just because you don’t get DOMS does not mean you didn’t have an effective workout.
The goal should not be getting sore and not being able to move after each training session.

The more experienced you are the less you will feel this muscle soreness to that extreme.

I hope this helps you understand all that delayed muscle soreness.