Why Are You Looking For A Problem?

There seems to be a common trend in the fitness industry as of lately….self diagnosis!

When it comes to weight/fat loss people tend to just skip the basics and jump straight to trying to find the over complicated problem that they hypothetically have.

After talking to some people, who have no qualifications, and a few searches on google you decide there’s a problem.

You’re gluten or wheat intolerant so you eliminate them from your diet and lose weight… Magic? Nope! You just reduced some calories causing a negative in your energy balance.

You decide to cut out dairy because your friend said it was bad for you… Great, you lose weight! That was the problem so?
No…you just reduced some calories.

Carbs…they are evil! They make you fat right? Eliminate them and you lose loads of weight really quick, excellent?!! No…you just eliminated a total macronutrient causing a huge drop in calories. And will
Possibly cause you a lot of problems if you eliminate for a long period.

Are you seeing the pattern here??

Weight less is just a simple equation of calories in vs calories out.

You do not have an under active thyroid, IBS, gluten intolerance or any food allergies without any clear clinical diagnosis. If you do have any of the above then you work on that.
Until then…stick to the basics!

It’s more than likely consistency & compliance that you’re lacking if you’re not getting results!